Distributed Antenna Services
Distributed Antenna Services

Hospitals have used a variety of wireless technologies such as telemetry and push to talk 2-way radios for many years.  With the advent of the cell phone, instantaneous access to critical staff on or off site is possible but only if coverage exists.   Deploying a DAS within a hospital has positive effects beyond the obvious “better coverage.”  Since the overall RF radiation from the cell phones is lower, interference with hospital equipment can be less likely.

Deploying a DAS within a health care facility is quite different than a routine office building.  Very specific guidelines must be followed.  Tenting apparatus with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters must be used in some areas.  Flexible scheduling for access may be requested by hospital staff.   We have installed dozens of hospital DAS projects and have HEPA tenting apparatus in house along with a thorough understanding of what hospital staff routinely demand.