Distributed Antenna Services
Distributed Antenna Services

Airports, casinos, shopping malls, conference centers and sports venues are all areas where people ‘expect’ to have coverage on cell phones and data applications. 

In some cases, as with an airport, for airport personnel there may be a need for instantaneous connection for security reasons.  Or, a consistent data connection for baggage sorting.   And, as everyone knows, invariably, the first thing a traveler does when getting off a plane is make a cell phone call.  Airports offer a special challenge with the special security clearance, testing and background check on all personal working without escort.  We have passed the stringent security screening and have had many successful DAS deployments in airports.  Sports venues, casinos, conference centers and shopping malls may not have the stringent security requirements but have other challenges such as access issues or structural considerations.  Properly designing the DAS in a public venue is crucial.  Especially in venues were cell phone or data traffic may fluctuate to extremes.